About Us

Welcome to the website I created for my Mom. She insisted that, if I travel, I must write and tell her everything that is going on. Hi Mom! Ok, a little back-story…

My husband and I got married relatively young (22 years-old). We spent the first years of our lives living in a tiny apartment in Southern California while Christopher finished college. Our area was not the greatest. We had to call the police to break up fistfights on the street below our apartment, and a lady with a shopping cart and a bucket regularly came by to try and sell us corn. Then Chris graduated from college, was hired by NASA, and we moved to a better area. We had intended to start a family, but we decided to wait until we went to Europe. Then we went to Europe again. And it turned out that, not only did we love living above the poverty level, we also loved traveling.

After 9 years of marriage we welcomed our daughter, Lizzy, into our lives. When she was 6 months old, NASA decided that they wanted Chris to travel to Australia for 8 weeks to be all engineer-y. Christopher was distressed thinking that he needed to leave his new baby girl for so long. I was distressed thinking I was going to have to parent alone! How was I ever going to shower??? So I declared, “If you’re going, we’re going with you!” Off we all headed on our first adventure with our little.

It turned out that traveling with our daughter didn’t make the trip harder as we had feared. It made it more fun! Sure, she barfed in Chris’ fruit cup on the airplane, but it makes for a good story now. Then we went to Australia again when she was one year. We jetted off to France and England when she was almost two. Then we decided it was just getting too easy to travel with one kid, so we had another little girl named Katie! Next we took off with a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old to Denmark. Well, you get the picture. We like to travel. We take the kids. We write about it.

Feel free to come along with us on our journeys. At least I know my Mom will be reading.

Family photo. Parents looking at two sweet little girls.